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West London Free School - Kensington Primary Academy

The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Evidence of Learning

Evidence of Learning

Our curriculum is knowledge-rich, valued and specified and well sequenced, which inspires pupils, promotes excellent outcomes for all and is underpinned by a drive to overcome inequality of opportunity. The outcomes range from written explanations, scientific drawings, annotated timelines, extended writing across all subjects. Below are a range of outcomes from our pupils.


Year 1 Geography – Spatial Sense. Pupils learnt what makes a good map and how cartographers use maps. They then drew a simple map with a key.


Year 5 English – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Pupils studied the key characters of this classic narrative and wrote a character description of the White Witch. They focused on using ambitious language to paint a vivid image of the character’s appearance and their traits.


Year 4 Science – The Human Body. As part of the unit, pupils learnt about different vitamins and minerals and their importance in our diets. The pupils were then asked to design a healthy meal, showcasing their knowledge of what types of food they should include, in what proportion and why.


Year 3 Science – The Human Body. In this unit, pupils learnt about the different organ systems within the human body such as the skeletal and digestive systems. At the end of the unit, pupils created a knowledge showcase to demonstrate what they had learnt about the different organ systems.


Year 2 English - The Butterfly Lion. In this unit, pupils study the Michael Morpurgo book ‘The Butterfly Lion analysing the setting, characters and exploring the themes of the narratives. One of the outcomes, pupils produce is a letter from Bertie to his father asking to stay and telling his father about the lion. This units deepens pupils’ understanding of writing for a purpose.



You can see view our statutory assessments here.


Looking at the teacher helps me learn and doing good work when I’m on the carpet.


I learn by the teachers helping me and telling me information and then writing that information in by book.

Year 2

I remember my learning by concentrating in class and using my Knowledge Organisers.

Year 3

I learn by teachers explaining the information to me and then sharing that information in my classmates and hearing their opinion.

Year 5

I remember my learning by doing activities in class and making notes in by books.

Year 6