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Nursery Virtual School

Nursery Virtual School

A message from Miss murphy

Hello Nursery

Thank you for watching the Looms and taking part in the different learning activities we offer. We hope you have enjoyed practising your number knowledge, listening to stories, learning new words, songs, and creating amazing artwork! 

For English this week, Miss Murphy is reading 'We are Going on a Bear Hunt,' by Michael Rosen. We have attached a video of the author, Michael Rosen reading the story so you can also enjoy following his actions and joining in with the words. After Miss Murphy has finished reading, 'We are Going on a Bear Hunt,' you can think of a new ending that you would like to happen, you could even add some different characters, so you could go on a dinosaur hunt instead of a bear hunt! 

For PKC, we will learn more about dinosaurs and the fantastic world of fossils! We will learn what fossils are, discovering how they are formed over time and find fossils all around the world! We will also learn how palaeontologists dig for fossils so we can discover more about dinosaurs. 

In maths, we will sing some calendar time songs, such as days of the week and the months song. We will continue to practise counting 10 objects and will create and compare groups, finding the group that has more and less objects. Please can you upload to j2e a picture of your child counting 10 objects of their choosing. It could be spoons, toys or shoes, whatever your child chooses. An optional idea is for your child to count two groups of objects and identify which group has fewer and which group has more objects. We are looking forward to seeing what you upload on j2e! If you need any help with using j2e, please look at the video instructions in 'Additional Resources to Support Home Learning,' under the Remote Learning tab. 
For PSHE, we are learning about what a balanced diet is, about healthy food and how to live a healthy life. We will learn why eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise is so important for our brain and body. 

Lastly, we will learn about Jackson Pollock and his drip painting for Art. Even if you don't have paint at home, don't worry, you can draw and make artwork just like Jackson Pollock using different types of art materials.

We hope you enjoy these lessons this week and we can't wait to see what you upload on j2e! 

Take care and stay safe, 

The Early Years Team

Nursery EnGLISH, MATHS and OTHER subjects

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Lent Term English Maths Other

Week 3

Lesson 1


Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

'past' and 'now'


Maths Meeting  Personal, Social and Emotional Mindful Tasting

Week 3

Lesson 2


Phonics - 'm' Count to 10

Primary Knowledge

What was the world like at the time of the dinosaurs?


Why did the dinosaurs die?

Week 3 Lesson 3


Phonics - 's' Count Reliably to 10


Painting - Jackson Pollock

Week 3 Lesson 4


One More than a number within 10

Week 3 Lesson 5


Lent Term English Maths Other

Week 2 Lesson 1


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Repeated phrases

We're Going on a Bear Hunt performed by Michael Rosen

Count to 10


Counting Dinos

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Healthy Foods

Week 2 Lesson 2


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Create a different ending

Comparing Numbers


One More, One Less

Primary Knowledge

Dinosaur Fossils


How do Dinosaur fossils form?

Week 2

Lesson 3


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Create a new character

The Gingerbread Man Game


Ten Little Dinosaurs

 Primary Knowledge

Dinosaur Fossils - where can we find them?

 Make your own fossil dig

Week 2 Lesson 4


Set 1 Phonic Sounds

Maths Meeting 1

 Underwater Count to 10



 Make Your Own Paint

Week 2 Lesson 5


Pencil Control for Handwriting

Maths Meeting 2

Get Creative and make a Dinosaur Hat

Lent Term English Maths Other

Week 1 Lesson 1


Meg and Mog in the Fog Counting, estimating and days of the week

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

The Rabbit Listened

Who can you talk to when things you don't expect to happen do happen?

Week 1 Lesson 2


Where, Who and What Questions

Days of the Week,

One more and one less,

Ordering length and height

Get creative with some household items!

Junk Modelling

 Personal, Social, Emotional Development

The Worrysaurus

Week 1 Lesson 3


Meg and Mog in the Fog

Predict text

Counting to 10 and reading numbers


Ten Terrible Dinosaurs Story

 Get active with the

Dinosaur Stomp

Week 1 Lesson 4


Dinosaur Roar

Learn how to describe dinosaurs

Maths Meeting

Primary Knowledge


 Get creative with some pasta Dinosaur Skeletons