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West London Free School - Kensington Primary Academy

The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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How can you help?

How can you help?

There are lots of ways you can help to support the Friends of KPA.

Roof Mural donations

Our school was founded 6 years ago and the premises were brand new with a fantastic roof playground for our children. Over the years, as we welcomed more children to the school, Friends of KPA have been working with the school to purchase equipment for the roof, to enrich the experience for the children.

In our next phase of the improvements, we are looking to fund raise to create a mural on the walls of the large playground. The works would take place during the summer 2022 holidays and would be ready to welcome the children in September.

To donate click here.


The most valuable thing you can give us is your time. We are always looking for people to help organise and run events. None of the things we do can take place without parental help. Come along and support the events. All of the events we hold are to both raise funds for the school, but just as importantly, they are to bring our small school community together.


Even if you are not able to commit to being a commitee member at the moment, please still pass on any ideas you have for future events. Give us feedback on events we have already held so we can continue to make them better. you can do this by speaking to your class rep, a commitee member, or by sending us a message via the office, Classlist or by email to Friendsofkpa@outlook.com.


 We would be very grateful for any donations or sponsorship towards our main activities and projects, such as food, drinks, inflatable attractions, games, or any items that are usually required for our social events.  If you have any particular skill that can help enhance our social events, such as playing music, face painting, etc.  please consider donating your time as well, as your contribution could really make a difference.


Think you can run a marathon, sit in a bath of baked beans or abseil from the Shard? Let us know and we can help to arrange a sponsored event!

Corporate Sponsorship

Does your company support local schools? Could they sponsor an event? Do they fund match? You would be surprised how many companies offer such things to their employees... just ask!

Things we need

Do you have any of these items that you no longer need or are able to provide to the school for various events?

Gazebos Halogen Heaters (outside) Fairground Games
Use of Bouncy Castle Raffle Prizes Baked Goods
Christmas Decorations Catering