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West London Free School - Kensington Primary Academy

The Knowledge Schools Trust

We aim to provide children with a classical liberal education, regardless of background or ability.

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Parents - PTA

Friends of KPA

Kensington Primary Academy’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) the Friends of KPA (FKPA) brings together parents, teachers and children to raise funds and strengthen the school community. The PTA works closely with the school looking at ways to enrich the experience for the children and has been able to raise funds to install gym climbing frames, class room and playground equipment, to design and create a mosaic and pay towards filling the school’s first library with books.

The majority of the funds are raised by the families at the school who generously support and attend the events with their children along with a few valued sponsors some who have been linked from the beginning of the development of the school.

If you would like to get involved or have any ideas, please contact us at friendsofkpa@outlook.com 

Upcoming Events

The Committee

Chair Parshank Shamma
Vice Chair Gigi Yacoub &
Jomana Al Batoul Aziz
Secretary Kaysha Jacobs
Treasurer Barbara Fanin

Your Class Representatives

Our wonderful Class Reps are invaluable members of the school community. Class Reps will pass messages on from the PTA, send helpful reminders (usually through WhatsApp groups) about class and school activities and are often one of the first friendly faces to meet new families joining our school.


Kaysha Jacobs & Natalie Borelly


Bridget Oakes,
Loubna Hamie,
Magda Klimkiewicz &
Symphony Theophile

Year 1

Asma Issa &
Mona Rabie

Year 2 Mojda Naqsh &
Jess Trujillo


Year 3

Gigi Yacoub &
Rahma Darbouk

Year 4 Come Join the Team!
Year 5 Christian Hermann
Year 6

Jo Hurley &
Jomana Al Batoul Aziz


The PTA are excited to support the school with the next WOW Project to rejuvenate the garden spaces in and around the school and would love to hear from you to join the team – the more the merrier!

Please speak to the PTA team members and come join the fun and help plan and maintain the project long term for the children to have a peaceful place to retreat to!


The school have created an Amazon Wishlist which currently has been populated with books that you may wish to purchase when it’s your child’s birthday.

They will ensure a ‘book plate’ goes into the book letting everyone know who has kindly donated it and your child will be able to share it with their class.

If you do wish to donate, click here

Keep in touch

We use WhatsApp and Class List apps to keep in touch with parents and carers where we will post events, reminders and requests for support and assistance. Please join both groups as you find appropriate to keep in touch!


The Friends of KPA prepare a newsletter at the start of each term, detailing the events from the previous term and the plans for the upcoming term. You can find these here.


The Friends of KPA AGM is held at the start of the new school year.


The Friends of KPA would like to thank all our Sponsors and Donors for their commitment and support throughout the year: